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About us

About us

       Widin Technology Inc,It is a high-tech energy company with a century long history and is an excellent supplier in the global energy storage backup power and power supply fields. The global headquarters is located in the United States, with 3 cooperative factories in the United States, 1 in Vietnam, 1 in China, 3 research and development centers, over 1200 employees, over 100 agency agencies, and 2 logistics centers in Europe and the Middle East.

       Widin operates in the Asia Pacific region, based in China, serving China and other Asia Pacific regions. Some of its products are also exported to Europe and America and serve customers in the region. The company is a professional solution supplier that integrates research and development, production, and sales, providing customers with energy storage backup power and deep cycle power supply. The company's main products include industrial backup batteries, deep cycle power batteries, energy storage batteries, and other systems, as well as supporting solutions for power equipment, to meet different needs in data centers, communication, energy and infrastructure, nuclear power, industry, new energy, storage, and other applications. It also provides integrated technical services for energy systems such as power and energy storage.

       Widin has become a world-class enterprise in the energy storage and power solution industry. At the same time, WIDIN adheres to the concept of high-quality development, closely follows the trend of digitalization and electrification, and assists in the "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" dual carbon strategy, new infrastructure construction. Adhering to the corporate spirit of stability and progress, WIDIN adheres to the strategy of focusing on industrial transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment, and multi subject development, and continues to deeply cultivate its main business, Continuously strengthening product strategic layout and contributing long-term persistence and maximum strength to promoting the development of a green energy world

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